tribes in Russia

They have their own culture, traditions and language. The following are some of the tribes in Russia.

1. Evenk Tribe The Evenk tribe or also known as the Ewenki is referred to as one of the native tribes of northern Russia. They live in Yakutia and are synonymous with nomadic culture with the reindeer.


Suku-suku yang Ada di Rusia, Nomor 4 Mayoritas Beragama Islam

The Ewenki live in the northern outer region of the Arctic Circle. They were in the same land as the Sakhas (Yakutia) and spoke the Yakut language. Since they live in winter most of the time, the Ewenki’s occupation is mostly hunting deer or wolves for sale or for food. The tribe is friendly with foreigners and they have the Prokopy Savvinov Museum which provides tours for visitors.


2. Russian Cossascks Cossacks or Russian Kazaks are a tribe that lives in the northern interior of the Black and Caspian Seas. It was this tribe that discovered Alaska and Siberia and protected Russia thus receiving the privilege of its military dedication.


Suku-suku yang Ada di Rusia, Nomor 4 Mayoritas Beragama Islam

Most likely, the Cossacks were born in the 15th century. They are a mix of Russian and East Slavic, synonymous with black eyes, dark hair, and speak Russian. During the Russian Empire, the government took advantage of the presence of the Cossacks to expand its territory. The Cossascks were born to be officers, adventurous, and loyal.

3. Buryat Tribe The Buryat tribe is the largest ethnic Mongol in Siberia, precisely in the territory of Buryatia, Russian Federation.

Like the Mongols in general, this ethnic way of life is by nomadic herding and setting up gers to live in. The Buryats were great riders and they were also good at archery. They speak with a Mongol accent and have a population of over 500 thousand people.

4. Tatars They live at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers, about 800 kilometers east of Moscow. The Tatars are ethnic Turks who make up the largest minority in Russia.
Its inhabitants have embraced Islam since the 10th century. The Tatar people are known as blacksmiths and trade animal fur commodities. Not only living in Russia, the Tatars can also be found in several other countries, such as Japan, Poland, to America.